telegram群成员id采集器(’s unit wins RM25.3mil contract from TNB

telegram群成《cheng》员id采“cai”集器(qi)是一(yi)个【ge】Telegram群组分享平台(tai)。telegram群成员『yuan』id采集器包括telegram群{qun}成『cheng』员id采〖cai〗集器、telegram群“qun”组《zu》索{suo}引、Telegram群组【zu】导航(hang)、新加『jia』坡telegram群组(zu)、telegram中〖zhong〗文{wen}群{qun}组、telegram群组『zu』(其『qi』他)、Telegram 美国 群‘qun’组『zu』、telegram群组{zu}爬虫、电报群 科学上 shang[网「wang」、小『xiao』飞「fei」机 ji[ 怎么「me」 加{jia} 群、tg群等内容。telegram群成员id采集器为广大电报用(yong)户『hu』提供各种电报 bao[群《qun》组/电{dian}报【bao】频道/电报机〖ji〗器 qi[人导航服《fu》务。


KUALA LUMPUR: Omesti Bhd’s indirect 51% owned subsidiary, Formis Network Services Sdn Bhd (FNS) has secured a RM25.31mil contract from Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB).

In a filing with Bursa Malaysia, Omesti said FNS had on June 21 received and accepted a letter of award (LOA) from TNB for the leasing of personal computers for a duration of three years.

“The TNB contract is subject to a formal contract to be entered into between TNB and FNS,” it said, adding that the contract is expected to contribute positively to its revenue, earnings per share and net assets per share.